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We provide a variety of comprehensive services to fit your needs. See a complete list of our services and additional information below.
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At Covell Family Dental, our goal is that you have a trustworthy and comfortable dental experience at every visit. Dr. Kim and the dental team are dedicated in keeping up with best practices for all procedures through continuing education courses and lectures. We know that your time is precious and we are proud of the comprehensive dental care we can provide for the entire family here at our office.

Preventative Dentistry

Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus famously said, "Prevention is better than cure," and we at Covell Family Dental can’t agree more. At your regular six-month check up, we examine carefully for early signs of decay so that we can prevent further damage to your teeth.

Our hygienists offer thorough cleanings and examinations to prevent and treat periodontal disease. We recommend first visits for children to be at age one or within six months of first tooth eruption. We offer fluoride to strengthen teeth and sealants to prevent food particle build up that leads to decay. We are more than happy to suggest improvements to your regular home regimen to ensure that you are doing the most you can to maintain healthy smiles. 

Restorative Dentistry

Even with vigilant care at home, problems can and will most likely occur. Whether it is from decay, over use, regular wear or trauma, we are here to help. We provide treatments such as tooth colored composite fillings, root canals and natural looking ceramic crowns to relieve pain and to restore optimal function of damaged teeth.

Missing teeth can lead to altered smiles and facial structure, difficulty chewing and eating. Dr. Kim and the dental team will work closely with you in creating a bridge or dentures to best restore not only your smile, but the function of your teeth. We are as passionate about healthy and radiant smiles!

Sedation Dentistry

We understand that anxiety about dental procedures is common and often leads patients to delay seeking treatment. We offer both nitrous oxide and oral sedation, and Dr. Kim can work with you to determine which sedation option would be appropriate for you. We want to ensure that you have a stress-free, pain-free, relaxed experience so that pursuing good dental health is never put off due to dental anxiety.

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