Comfortable Tooth Extractions

We expect our permanent teeth to be just that, permanent. But there are cases in which removing a tooth is the best option for preserving your overall oral health.

We understand that many people are apprehensive about having a tooth extracted. Our compassionate team at Covell Family Dental understands. Our priority is to save the tooth, but when the damage is too extensive and extraction is the best option, we ensure that you are comfortable with the idea of the procedure and also during the procedure.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Some reasons a tooth extraction may be necessary are:

  • Crowded mouth- teeth too big or jaw too small
  • In preparation for orthodontic work
  • Extensive decay beyond repair by filling, crown or root canal therapy
  • Trauma beyond repair by filling or crown
  • Loose teeth due to periodontal disease

Your Comfort is Our First Priority

To ensure that you have a comfortable and stress free experience, we offer both nitrous oxide and oral sedation to help you relax before and/or during your procedure.

Nitrous oxide is an in office treatment during your procedure with no side effects or lingering grogginess making it a great option if you need to return to work or to continue with the routine of your day.

Oral sedation is another non-invasive and safe alternative, which entails taking a prescribed medication the night before the procedure and an additional dose in the office before the procedure. This option requires that you secure a ride both to and from the office the day of treatment.

We understand that for many, extractions can be a source of fear and we strive to ensure your comfort so that you can feel confident and safe.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Missing teeth themselves can lead to problems such as difficulty chewing, speaking clearly, altered dental alignment, and sagging of your facial structure. But we offer solutions for the space that results from the extraction. Dr. Kim and his team at Covell Family Dental have treatment options that address the problem of missing teeth such as bridges and implants that look like your natural teeth. A bridge is an appliance to treat missing teeth or spaces. Dr. Kim can create a bridge that consists of artificial teeth act as placeholders and look just like your natural teeth. They are held in place by crowns on the adjacent teeth or on implants.

A dental implant is a post made of a biocompatible material such as titanium that is surgically placed into the jawbone. As the site heals, bone actually grows around the post, securing its position. A dental crown, which is a replacement tooth, is then affixed to the post which serves as an anchor. This also allows for very natural looking teeth.

Please Call for More Information

Don’t let the fear of extraction prevent you from seeking the treatment that you need to best preserve your oral health. If you have any questions or concerns, our team is here to help you through the process to ensure that you have peace of mind as you pursue your treatment course. Please do not hesitate to call our dental office!